How to write a thesis statement for an expository essay?



Throughout their academic tenure, students qualify for different intellectual stages. Whether it is about writing an essay assignment or completing a quiz. They try to perform exceptionally so that they can secure good grades, ultimately leading to acquiring a full bright scholarship for college or university. For some students, the most difficult part or assignment could be writing an essay, because academics have devised different types of essays and each needs to be written differently. You would be surprised to know that only a professional essay writer is able to write all types of essays without any difficulty.


It is only because writing an essay is a complex task that often requires years of writing experience, followed by knowledge of multiple subjects. Among many, an expository essay is just one form of the essay that mainly deals with investigating an idea, explicates the idea, and evaluates evidence ultimately leading to presenting the idea concisely. The requirements in this essay can be fulfilled by comparison and contrast, definition eventually leading to an analysis of cause and effect. An expository essay in itself is divided into types; including definition essays, classification essays, cause and effect essays, compare and contrast essays, and 'how-to' essays.


Each type requires to follow certain guidelines so that the purpose of writing such an essay can be achieved. Just like any other essay the start of this essay should be with a compelling outline in the same way the significance of the thesis statement cannot be denied. It would help you to give direction to your essay and enable you to write eloquently. A thesis statement in an expository essay is as important as writing an essay itself as it works as a mirror by reflecting your ideas.


I am writing down some simple techniques. By following these you can write a good thesis statement for an expository essay.


How to write a thesis statement for an expository essay?

When it comes to a thesis statement for an expository essay then it means you should write it by elaborating key aspects of your topic, that you would be later discussing in your essay. In order to write a good thesis statement, it must contain three attributes including a limited subject, a precise opinion, and a blueprint of reasons. These points may seem strange to you, but these are important to incorporate if you intend to write a good thesis statement.


Trust me, if I were you and I have to write my essay then I would make sure to write an eloquent statement whether I would have to take any outside help. It means writing a thesis statement is not merely a simple task because it involves a lot of effort and you might have to write several thesis statements and choose one of them in the end.  


How to form a thesis statement

Step 1: Formulate a research question

Your research question is important before writing a statement in an expository essay. You can do it by extracting a prompt from the assignment. For example, you can make your research question like this, "What were the factors which forced Britain to hold the Brexit referendum in 2016?" If you want to get sample outlines for essays then you can contact a valid essay writing service to help you out.


Step 2: Find the correct answer and take your position

You have to specify your position in a certain position like whether you want to support it or negate it. Remember that there is no right answer in literature; it only depends on your interpretation. That is why you should form your tentative answer. In the case of an expository essay you have to take a side, concerning the above question you can state that, "Political frustration caused Brexit."


Step 3: Use evidence and reasoning for the correct answer   

This part would show the process of your research. When you start writing your paper you will find more evidence and sources, it will refine your thesis statement. Your statement is not just a summary rather it is an overall argument. For example, your final statement would look like this: "Brexit was driven by the working class who were not happy with the economic policies of the government which fragmented communities and eroded public services; the referendum has posed a challenge to the status quo.”


Essential attributes of thesis statement


A good thesis statement in an expository essay cannot be a simple statement or question; rather it should be a claim that further requires evidence to prove or negate. You can prove it by your arguments and analysis, try to make it interesting so that a reader remains attached to the topic.


It means your statement should revolve around a central argument. It should be attached to the essay theme so that readers can make sure what the argument is about. These two attributes would ensure a concise statement.


A good thesis statement does not have several parts that is why try to make it coherent. If it consists of more than one sentence then it should be related to your paper. You can make it coherent by showing the theme of headings or topic sentences in your thesis statement. There is many essay writer are available on the internet.

Examples of good statements

  1.     Americans should add a morning walk to their routine, it would help them to lose weight and reduce the risk of sugar and high blood pressure.
  2.     Alcohol consumption among teens has detrimental effects on their personality and increases the risk of liver complications, heart diseases, and weight gain.  




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